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Hand tools

Clever hand terminal cleaners, special gloves, clamp pliers and suctions cups from Hubitools.

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    Metal digital caliper tool

    Dotted grip gloves (12 pcs set)

    Impact lite glove

    Shield grip gloves (12 pcs)

    Grip touch gloves (12 pcs set)

    High leverage pliers

    Grease joint rejuvenator

    Diamond grip terminal cleaners

    Female bullet connector cleaner set (12pcs)

    Eu trailer terminal cleaners & pin wear gauge

    Diamond coated flexible flat files

    Large mantus™

    Magnetic finger

    Universal swivel air coupler

    Hose carriers

    Megapro ratcheting 13 in 1

    Flexible line clamp set (13-57mm)

    Megapro 15 in 1 screwdriver

    Flexible line clamp pliers " heavy duty design "

    Professional impact driver set

      1 - 20 of 32