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Large mantus™

Ref : HU45105

High-Quality Surgical Steel Pliers with Serrated Interlocking Hands for Gripping and Biting with Cleaning Capabilities

The MANTUS™ Tight Access Tool is a versatile tool, featuring surgical stainless steel with serrated interlocking hands at the end of a 35cm reach. It bites and grabs wires, gaskets, tubes, tools, terminals, etc. The ends double as an abrasive surface which can be used to scrape corrosion from a variety of surfaces including spade terminals, relays, fuses and more.

  • Length : 35 cm
  • Precise interlocking jaws for a strong grip
  • Durable surgical stainless steel construction
  • Grips wires, gaskets, tubes, tools, terminals and more
  • Also used as terminal cleaners for male spade pins
  • Low profile reach
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