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Female bullet connector cleaner set (12pcs)

Ref : HU45102

Super-Hard, Flexible, and Diamond-Coated For Cleaning Small, Round, Female Electrical Pins

This 12-piece set of Diamond Micro Round Files are specially designed to remove corrosion from small-type Cannon, Deutsch, Bullet, NATO, Weather Pack and other small round terminal connections.

  • Strong but flexible
  • Specifically engineered sizes designed for small round connector types
  • Diameter sizes range from 0,75mm to 3,02mm and 127mm long
  • For use in general filing applications such as steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, etc.
  • Comes in a premium-quality holster with magnetic clasp
  • Individual sizes are marked and available for replacements
  • File Diameter Sizes: 0,75(2X)-0,98(2X)- 1,29-1,48-1,76-2,03-2,26-2,52-2,78-3,02mm
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