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Inspection tools

Professional and affordable video endoscopes, lights tools, mirrors and magnets but also noise detection tools such as electronic stethoscopes at Hubitools.

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    Wifi switch probe endoscope

    Exclusive videoscope 4.9mm switch probe

    Exclusive videoscope 5.5mm


    4,5mm 1 way articulation probe with exclusive videoscope



    Exclusive videoscope with 4,5mm analog 2 way articulation probe

    Exclusive videoscope with 6mm high definition articulated probe

    « handy » videoscope

    Videoscopes 5.5mm/4.9mm switch probe

    Hand held camera kit with exclusive videoscope

    Hand held camera

    High tech videoscope system

    Videoscope exclusive/ mini-polar pipe inspection system kit (10m probe)

    High tech videoscope system 2m - 4 ways

    High tech analog videoscope system

    Videoscope exclusive/ polar pipe inspection system kit (30m probe)


    2 in 1 switch probe 4.9mm

    High definition articulated probe 6mm

    Hd articulated probe hyperion 6mm - 4 ways

      1 - 20 of 51