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Grease joint rejuvenator

Ref : HU45100

Have you ever tried to force grease through a grease joint and couldn’t? Now you can! 

The patented Grease Joint Rejuvenator® forces light oil into a grease joint, flushing out old hardened grease and allowing new grease to be pushed through.

  • Instantly opens clogged grease joints 
  • Cleans ways and stays in milling machines and lathes 
  • Lubricates and unclogs bearings, control arms, king pins, piston arms, shafts, bushings, etc. 
  • Can be used on trucks and trailers, industry, construction, excavating, manufacturing, machine shop and well-drilling equipment...
  • Includes: 
    • 12cm Flex Hose
    • Extra Coupler
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