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Diagnosis and repair work on car engines. Hubitools offers everything you need from Diesel injector stuck extractor or stuck glow plug to oil filter sets, timing gear holders, pressure and vacuum hand pump, compression testers…

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    Diesel injector seal extractor


    Universal diesel glow plug puller


    Universal glow plug tips puller m8, m9 & m10


    Universal injector puller

    Universal injector seat cleaning set

    Universal injector seat cleaning set


    Wrench set for plastic oil drain plugs vag-ford-bmw-psa

    Stud remover & installer kit

    Gearlock kit

    Timing belt service kit

    Quickdial 2-way diagnostic pump kit

    Diesel priming and bleeding kit

    Mityvac metal hand pump kit

    Mityvac vacuum/pressure metal hand pump

    Mityvac turbo pressure tester manometer

    Vacuum plastic hand pump

    Vacuum/pressure plastic hand pump

    Mityvac vacuum plastic hand pump kit

    Mityvac new generation hand brake bleeding kit

      1 - 20 of 98