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Universal diesel glow plug puller

Ref : HU41051

  • Minimal space needed for use : ideal when glow plug compartment is not easily reachable
  • Enables glow plugs broken in the top of the cylinder head to be easily removed without any damage
  • Usable in narrow engine bay and engine with glow plugs on the firewall’s side
  • High quality material for professional use!
  • Unique design of Electrode puller to tear out the longest part of the electrode as possible

Easy to use:

  • The kit comprises 1 electrode puller and 1 electrode reinforced drill with 2 guides
  • It comprises 2 special centered mills with one mill support that prevent any damage to the head
  • A tap and a slide-hammer extractor to pull out the broken glow plug
  • 3 refreshing taps : M8 , M10x100 & M10x125 with Hex Drive to be used with any ratchet and self centering feature
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