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Ref : HU41045

  • Vibroshock® is the ideal tool to untighten frozen screws, nuts or glow plugs without any damage.
  • This kit must be used with an Air-hammer mounted with a pressure regulator (not included)


  • Brake screws
  • Exhaust screws
  • Rounded lugs
  • Glow plugs
  • Clamp-on injectors
  • ...

The kit includes:

  • 1 x Vibro-shaft 3/8” square drive
  • 1 x Articulated wrench
  • Special Impact Sockets with internal edge 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm

The goal of the HU41045 Vibroshock® is to avoid any breakage due to an excessive torque or an impact. It is what happens the most often when you use an impact wrench on small diameter screws, bolts, threads.

The Vibroshock® creates an axial vibration that brakes the welding between the female and male thread applying in the same time a controlled torque to untight the frozen assembly avoiding the risk of breakage.

Vibroshock® vs Impact wrench

The Vibroshock® and the impact wrench have totally different ways of functioning:

  • The impact wrench generates rotation impacts on the complete mechanical assembly itself.
  • The Vibroshock® generates axial vibration and controlled torque. This difference while dismounting a frozen assembly is very important as from one side the Impact wrench will only create impacts on the rotation (with the risk of breakage) and from the other side the Vibroshock® will “thanks to the vibration” liberate the play between the threads allowing to unscrew the frozen assembly without risk of breakage. Vibration will also definitely help penetrating oil to get in. As an example, if you use the impact wrench on an 8mm glow plug , It will take 2sec and the glow plug will be broken in the cylinder head. The Vibroshock® will take it out easily.
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