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Sensor Simulator

Ref : HU31035

The ideal tool to simulate and actuate the output signal from automotive sensors: frequency, voltage and test sequences

  • It will help you in your diagnostic when scan tool diagnosis ends. Sensors, injector actuators will inform the scan tools that there is a problem, but Sensor simulator will allow the technician to know if the faulty operation is a faulty sensor a problem in the car computer, a defect in the wiring…
  • The device is specially used for wiring tests. It can simulate the correct signal and compare it to the scan tool
  • Allows you to eliminate the need to replace sensors that work perfectly fine (investment quickly pays for itself)
  • Simulator functions
    1. Simulated Resistance
    2. Simulated Voltage
    3. Simulated Sine Wave
    4. Simulated Square Wave
    5. Simulated Temperature Coefficient Sensors:
    6. Simulated Throttle & Pedal Sensor sequences
    7. Oxygen Sensor: Testing Mode and Simulated mode
  • You can simulate most sensors, injectors or actuator as ABS sensor, lambda sensor, EGR sensor, CKP sensor, knock sensor, map sensor
  • To be used in combination with HU31025 Scope +
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