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Wifi switch probe endoscope

Ref : HU23135

  • Fast Wi-Fi connexion to use with smartphones
  • Professional device with excellent price for value
  • Easy to share pictures and videos through all smartphones applications (Messenger, Whatsapp, Email…)
  • Space saving : allows maximum freedom of movement
  • 4,9mm dual camera probe
  • Dual Led lights
  • 105cm semi hard probe
  • Perfect resolution for smartphone
  • Variety of probe accessories
  • Wi-Fi box with magnetic body for ease of use
  • Usable for 2 hours with one battery charge
  • USB to Micro USB charging cable
  • Magnet for smartphone (stick it or slip it between phone and cover)
  • Free App available
  • No SD CARD: Pictures are directly on the phone

*Iphone NOT included in the kit

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