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Mityvac metal hand pump kit

Ref : MI8550

Mityvac has significantly improved the original Mityvac hand vacuum/pressure pumps used by automotive technicians, service and maintenance professionals, engineers and scientists worldwide. The new Mityvac Silverline Elite hand pump combines 35 years of automotive diagnostic experience with advanced performance and comfort to meet the requirements of the latest automotive technologies. Featured in the new MI8550 Silverline Elite Automotive Test Kit, the pump produces vacuum along with pressure at twice its previous output to expand its vehicle service applications.

Common Applications:

  • Emission control systems (EGR, RCV, BPV) testing
  • Turbocharger wastegate testing
  • Vacuum and pressure brake and hydraulic clutch bleeding
  • Ignition system diagnostics
  • Fluid transfer/evacuation

Kit includes:

  •  MI8510 metal hand pumpthe only hand pump that can produce and measure vacuum OR pressure with equal performance and precision (-980 mBar to 4 Bar)
  • Large reservoir design (480 ml) with quick connector
  • Other accessories
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