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Lugdriller® - locking lug nut removal kit

Ref : HU42025

The Lugdriller® is the Ultimate tool to remove the most difficult locking lug nuts in the quickest and safest way.

Over the years the locking lug nuts have been dramatically improved.

Their design is more and more complex and the material itself harder and harder.

  • Removes the most difficult locking lug nuts
  • Professional kit : made of solid material that can work on the hardest lugs
  • Very easy and quick to use : 4 to 8 minutes per wheel only!


  • Works on all types of sockets from any brand
  • Also works on all modern cars with oddly shaped lugs
  • Also works on damaged lugs

Kit includes:

  • 4 Nylon internal centering guides
  • 3 metal external centering guides
  • 1 metal centering guide for free turning lugs
  • 2 x special ultra hard drill
  • 4 x extractor
  • 1 impact extractor holder
  • 1 impact extractor remover
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