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Dosil - silent tire deflator

Ref : HU43012

  • Equipped with a filter cartridge that reduces the noise from 115db to 85db!
  • Its retractable screwdriver allows the technician to dismount easily and with one hand only the tire valve
  • Avoids the ejection of the valve during its dismounting
  • Does not increase deflating time
  • Not only protects the technician who uses it but also all the people aroundDeflating operation by unscrewing the tire valves (Car, Truck, bus) exposes technicians to noises that can lead to deafness.The Silent Tire Deflator patented by INRS allows to reduce noises emissions during tire deflation.
  • The risk of the noise : Remember a deflating tire reach easily 115db! And above 115 dB , very brief sounds immediately cause irreversible damage.
  • Up to 80-85 decibels, the cells (and our auditory sensation) do not suffer. Above this level, there are hairs which are gradually destroyed and then disappear totally: the cells dies and there is no longer any auditory sense: this is deafness.
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