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Inspection tools

Professional and affordable video endoscopes, lights tools, mirrors and magnets but also noise detection tools such as electronic stethoscopes at Hubitools.

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    Forward-view cables w/ metal connector

    Polar videoscope extension pole

    Hooks for videsocopes 5.5mm

    2 in 1 magnet/hook for 2 in 1 switch probe

    Mirrors for videoscopes 5.5mm and 4.5mm

    Base holder for articulated probe

    Adjustable slim light

    Slim light rechargeable inspection light

    Bend-a-light led pro

    High intensity flexible inspection light

    Flexible led light

    Inspection slim bar led work light

    Slim rechargeable head lamp

    Mini led light


    Bluetooth chassis ear

    Wireless electronic stethoscope

    Electronic stethoscope: complete set

    Noise amplifier

    Smartear1 hardware kit

    Smartear lite hardware kit

      21 - 40 of 51