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Brake fluid boiling point tester

Ref : HU11010

  • Power supply by the vehicle battery(12V)
  • Precision testing of the boiling temperature of the brake fluid (wet boiling point) in °C and °F
  • DOT3/4/5 compatible
  • No adjustment to be made by the user, no selection of fluid.
  • A single control button -> very simple in the garage
  • Clear indication of the recommended boiling T° for DOT 3/4/5 on the screen.
  • Auto-protected system: If immersion in the fluid is not deep enough it is safe.
  • Intelligent system: If the vehicle battery is too flat or overcharged, it will warn the user. If an internal element is faulty, it will also warn the user.
  • Removable electrical heating element / available as a spare part.
  • Can be washed with clean water -> allows the boiling point of water (100°C) to be tested to check the accuracy of the equipment.
  • EC approved
  • One test = max. 30 seconds
  • 12V = No risk associated with 220V


  • Beaucoup plus précis et fiable que les testeurs par conductivité
  • Type de test recommandé par les fabricants de liquide de frein et par de nombreux constructeurs automobiles.
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