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1200a - booster 4-cells battery technology

Ref : HU34036

  • 4-cells battery technology enables to start high compression engines such as big 12v diesel engines
  • Double overheating protection to avoid any damage : heavy duty Smart Jump cables & battery thermistor
  • Smart jump cables also protected against reverse polarity, short circuit and anti-reverse current
  • 4 secondary outputs for quick charging laptops, phones, in-car electronics and even car batteries
  • LED flashlight with 3 modes: Lighting – Flashing - SOS
  • Type-C input (5V3A 15W) for quick booster charge
  • Heavy-duty body for garage use
  • New style storage pocket for easier in&out handling
  • Kit includes jump cables, charger, Micro USB / Micro USB C Type cable
  • Dimension : 227mm L x 100mm H x 32mm W
  • Weight : 650g
  • Starting Current : 500A
  • Peak Current : 1200A
  • Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate : 16000mAh
  • Lifetime ≥1000 battery cycles
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