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High tech videoscope system 2m - 4 ways

Ref : HUX1004

  • In Automotive, ideal for test centers, engine labs or dealerships
  • Multiple ways to capture pictures : from the system, from the probe or with the remote control
  • The kit is delivered in a high quality airtight waterproof case and includes main system, 4ways-2m long probe, 2m holding tube (+ connector and thread protection), remote control, sun visor, 6mm dual view mirror, pin probe, neck strap, USB cable, AV cable, 4GB SD card, plug charger, cleaning kit and installation CD


  • Fast and easy joystick operation: Provides snapshot (freeze image), “light boost +” and “light -” functions on the controller
  • Stainless steel braided tube : Durable, rust and temperature resistant360° articulation: Provides full flexibility for narrow space inspection
  • Dust/water protection: IP55
  • Probing head diameter 6,0mm
  • LED: Front and side
  • NEW locking system FEATURE: probe can be locked in various positions with the aid of a locking device. No more losing of the image of the precise info you had just found!


  • Clarity: makes the edge of subject sharper
  • Negative+: checks the leak or crash that can’t be inspected carefully with normal light
  • Boost+: if the normal boost is still not satisfying, use Boost+ directly
  • Particle free: mirror reflects particles on the image, this feature erases these particles for a clearer inspection
  • Anti-reflection: Reduces reflection on shiny metal or mirror surface
  • Dual View: allows to see front view and side view at the same time, it works with dual view mirror adaptor (included in the kit)
  • Measuring grid: works with contact pin (included in the kit)
  • Compare: you can compare the live image with the picture taken by HUX1000 _the stored image frame can be adjusted during inspection on the screen
  • Input: allows to makes notes directly on the stored pictures
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