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Automatic brake bleeder 12v - 6bar

Ref : HU11006

Easy, simple and reliable.

  • Portable and self-powered
  • Compatible with ABS/ESP systems
  • 12v powering with reverse polarity warning
  • Stainless steel body
  • Electrical pump (o to 6 Bar) with automatic power off valve
  • Regulator from 0 to 6Bar
  • 5l reservoir with visible level and min level indication
  • Auto power OFF when min level
  • Large reservoir opening for easy cleaning
  • 12V power cable with jack (L: 4m)
  • Power cable for brake fluid with quick coupling system (L: 4m)
  • Delivered with fluid refill reservoir with chain and universal screw-on adaptor (compatible with 85% of vehicle fleet)
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